Black and White Printing Papers


Here on Freestyle Photographic Supplies you can buy all the papers still on the market:

Bergger papers, a French company with a wide range of papers, some may be sold under different names. Got money? like to tone your prints? then check out Bergger:

Foma papers:

Forte papers: this Hungarian company is no more but they still have their papers on the market

Fotospeed papers : I don’t know this paper but it is an English company

Ilford papers; after Agfa’s demise, Ilford is my choice of paper for street photography:
Steven Brierley, Ilford’s sales director, explains the future of Ilford papers, films and chemistry HERE

Kentmere papers :

Oriental New Seagull papers; remember this is a new paper, not exactly like the old Seagull :

Varycon/Fotokemika : I haven’t used this paper. According to Steve Anchell excellent article, State of the Paper Survey (2004), “it is made in Croatia (. . .) Fotokemika’s Varycon Variable Contrast Fiber paper has a rich quality, reminiscent of classic B&W photographic papers of decades ago. Using very high silver content and single run coating methods, these papers yield very high quality results with very long tonal range”.


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