andrew kochanowski: color matters


In a biography on his website Andy Kochanowski says, “I travel a lot to mundane places. If I had to define what I do, it is shooting things as they are … Maybe all it is I like to be nosy, and having a camera gives me an excuse to wonder around and look at people.”

Take a good look at how he fragments the reality into the colorful bits and pieces only to claim it back as his own.

all photographs © akochanowski

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2 Responses to “andrew kochanowski: color matters”

  1. nyc_slacker Says:

    Andy, thank you for your contribution to our blog. You style is so starkly distinctive that I could tell your pictures from others without hesitation. Did I mention I really dig your style? maria.

  2. Uhooru Says:

    The comment regarding taking apart reality that’s there and putting it back together is so apt. And in doing so, it creates layers of interest. I wish I had more of that type of seeing, its a rare quality, highly intelligent just shows a whole different reality that is actually there in front of us. And they look so cool when you spend a bit of time with them.

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