Boris Earth Shines


Boris Earth a.k.a Jon Gresham uses Leica & Rollei Rolleiflex, a rather expensive gear, to shoot a sort of street documentary. I asked Jon to write a short bio for our blog and here’s how he describes himself:

‘Expatriate, eclectic, Eurasian, English-Australian living and roaming around Asia.

(c) Boris Earth

Boris Earth (a pseudonym) was born in England and then emigrated to Adelaide just before Maggie and the eighties. He is an Australian citizen who lived in Thailand for the first three years of the 21st century but now lives in Singapore. He takes photographs, writes stories and draws pictures to avoid shopping and television. In his spare time he works across Asia for an investment bank. He is notorious for his tin tin haircut, high scores on Web boggle, Basil Brush laugh & obscure rants on clowns in street photography.’

See more of Jon’s fine photography & writings on his website, The Sun Shines & The Igloo Melts.

Belur Math, Kolkata by the Hooghly River

(c) Boris Earth

Kalighat, Kolkata (c) Boris Earth

Singapore hawker centre (c) Boris Earth

A girl and a fleeting glimpse (c) Boris Earth

all photographs © Boris Earth

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6 Responses to “Boris Earth Shines”

  1. nyc_slacker Says:

    Thanks Jon!

  2. jon Says:

    Thanks Maria for putting up my stuff. Have a great day!!

  3. nyc_slacker Says:

    you know, i keep thinking of your ‘rants on clowns in street photography :0)

  4. eyeblink (James) Says:

    I think you have some really beautiful work!

  5. jon Says:

    Thanks James, I appreciate the feedback. You capture some very special images on your website.

  6. jon Says:

    On clowns in Stret Photography:

    I have this thing where I dress as a clown – red nose, large shoes & squirting flower – with a camera & just take pictures in the street & do juggling & ride a unicycle & take pictures – just to see what comes out.

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