Quote of the month : Susan Sontag


    “The ultimate wisdom of the photographic image is to say, ‘There is the surface. Now think – or rather feel, intuit – what is beyond it, what the reality must be like if it looks that way. ‘Photographs, which cannot themselves explain anything, are inexhaustible invitations to deduction, speculation, and fantasy… The very muteness of what is, hypothetically, comprehensible in photographs is what constitutes their attraction and provocativeness.”

Susan Sontag from On Photography

Here’s the link to a decent source of quotes on photography, PhotoQuotes.com

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4 Responses to “Quote of the month : Susan Sontag”

  1. Bruno Trematore Says:

    The closest I’ve been to quitting photography was after reading On Photography. Don’t know if I should take it like I passed a test or what, but I think that Ms. Sontag often pushes things too far without really holding her grip on reality (in that book).

    Good quote, anyhow.

  2. nyc_slacker Says:

    you mean her predatory take on photography?

  3. Bruno Trematore Says:

    The whole book sounds a bit like

    “Everyone who owns and uses a camera is an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing, while I never took a picture, and I know what THEY are doing and what they are doing is so ignorant and wrong”.

    I just made it simple. I read the book some years ago and don’t remember the details, but the sensation it left into me can be well expressed with these few rude words.

    I think there are much more interesting authors.

  4. nyc_slacker Says:

    there are more than few quotes from that book that ring true to me, the voyeristic part being one of them. i never thought of her as an authority on photography but her ‘hostility’ is most interesting — you may have fun reading her “Notes on Camp” (1964).

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