James Wendell


I saw Eyeblink‘s Polaroids some two years ago and thought how free and happy, and beautiful they were. I kept checking his pages for more but James moved onto different things — he even digged out some ole Kodachrome. He is searching, probing, looking for his own world and he’s not least afraid of what others might think. You gotta like that.

What Eyblink thinks of his Polaroids? “….. these were all taken over 7 years ago before I ever really thought about street photography. I was merely interested in photography. I found the polaroid to be an excellent lesson in seeing and a way to let go of everything technical about photography. The camera and film did the work for me and all I had to do was see and feel what I was looking at.”


and here are some eyeblinks on street photography “…. I find most street photography lacking in being an actual well conceived and balanced photograph. Too often I see the subject splattered in the center of the frame and the edges are ignored resulting in an image which is more about a reaction to what is seen.

What I look for is a strong and well balanced photograph. Whether it was taken on the street or in an aquarium/zoo is completely trivial. I try to capture the mood of what is happening more than the subject itself. I believe my polaroids represent just that.”





© James Wendell

Please, take a look at the Zoo Life in Color gallery on Eyeblink Photography, James’ website.

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2 Responses to “James Wendell”

  1. nyc_slacker Says:

    thanks James and good luck to you!

  2. eyeblink Says:

    Thank you!

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