Marek Wykowski


On his bio page, Marek Wykowski, aka Quirky Pix on Flickr, quotes Magnum’s Ian Berry : “What I am looking for is the one moment the defining moment, that says what you want to say, that works as a shape and that has impact. Cartier-Bresson said that with luck it comes up once a year, but I wouldn’t be that optimistic.” (Ian Berry)

Château des Monthairons

There are two kinds of street photographers: those who hunt down art that happens so fast and so randomly that very few of us ever have a chance to see it; and then, there are those who use street to make their own art.

Marek is out there hunting for art that is. He can see it all right; and he knows how to shoot.

Poland. Small town in Bieszczady mountains.

Holiday in town

Istanbul. Sultanahmet.


Crete. Rodopos peninsula.
All images © Marek Wykowski 2007

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    Thank you!

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