Quote of the month : Lisette Model


Lisette Model’s Shoot from the Gut advice might be her most famous saying but, and since your slacker seems to be obsessed with an uneasy relationship between truth and photography, here’s Lisette’s take on a snapshot:

“I am a passionate lover of the snapshot, because of all photographic images, it comes closest to the truth … the snapshooter[‘s] pictures have an apparent disorder and imperfection which is exactly their appeal and their style” — Lisette Model

In Richard Bolton, ed.: The Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1990;
and in Patricia Bosworth’s Diane Arbus, A biography. Norton, 2005.

Model’s biography and more of her photographs on Fahey/Klein Gallery;

The Aperture Foundation’s current exhibition, Lisette Model and Her Successors, is on view till November 1, 2007.

“The broadest and most enterprising survey of its kind, this group show brings together for the first time a selection of vintage works by Model-one of the last century’s most significant photographers-and thirteen of her successors.
Lisette Model, Diane Arbus, Bruce Cratsley, Lynn Davis, Elaine Ellman, Larry Fink, Peter Hujar, Raymond Jacobs, Ruth Kaplan, Leon Levinstein, Eva Rubinstein, Gary Schneider, Rosalind Solomon, and Bruce Weber. “


2 Responses to “Quote of the month : Lisette Model”

  1. Bruno Trematore Says:

    I find it difficult to define the word “truth” in several cases.

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