Garry Winogrand (a video)


Most of  you are probably familiar with a video about Garry Winogrand. It was run on the PBS show Creativity (1982); you can watch it (again) and download it here:


2 Responses to “Garry Winogrand (a video)”

  1. Robert McPeak Says:

    Yo, Slack, thanks for the reminder of the existence of the Moyers/Winogrand thing. That prompted me to search around a bit and turn up this piece where Trente Parke narrates “Minutes”. I think I might have seen it before, but maybe not. Maybe I just saw the “Mag in Motion” thing. Anyway, good stuff. Is “Minutes” in book form yet? Here ’tis:

  2. Robert McPeak Says:

    Yeah, I’m wit you on dat.

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