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Barbara & her Camouflage

March 29, 2008

A year ago Barbara, one of the nicest people on the net and a fine photographer, started a thread on our (now quite dead) Flickr W/NW forum. She titled it Camouflage and, judging by the few photographs posted to that topic (all of them friggintastic), I was hoping for one of the longest & best photo topics we ever tackled. It could use some more of your shots, so dig’em out if you read this.

Here’s Barbara’s pic, & an aaaawesssssome one:

Yellow and green
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Barbara lives in Amsterdam ( that’s the Netherlands, dummy), enjoys life and photography as she says on her Flickr page, and runs a few successful photo groups. For more of her photography, check her portfolio.


The first book : James Wendell has a book out

March 4, 2008

Our congratulations to James Wendell who put together a hardcover book of his awesome photographs! It is called Eyeblink (of course, blink, blink) and has been published in December 2007 by Blurb, a self publishing house.

In 1999, the Money section of CNN released the article Self-publishing for profit  in which ‘experts estimated self-publishing will cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $30,000 — depending on the length and complexity of your book. It’s also more expensive if your copy requires extensive editing, and you select a hard cover rather than soft’. 

However, modern day e-publishing of ebooks — which started with Lulu, if I remember correctly — is very inexpensive. Blurb, which published James’ book, claims one can get a bookstore quality book published for as low as $12.95 in approximately 7 to 10 business days! That does not involve design, layout, proofing or editing of your book — this part is entirely up to you and the software you download from Blurb or Lulu.

Here are few links to sites which offer a glance at the world of e-publishing, self publishing, sales, royalties, things to watch for etc. :

E-Publishing FAQ by by Moira Allen

The Internet Makes It Easier to Go from Idea to Print by Ken Rubino

Self-publishing, POD and e-publishing, a discussion on publishing outside the traditional arena in Writer Magazine, a blog

Publishing Your First Book by Suzanne James

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