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Agfa still alive in England

November 5, 2007

So, Danny is back and posted few shots and yeah, he still shoots Agfa Pan 400 and says you can get it at Retro Photographic. They are in Chesterton, England and also sell things as weird as Foma, Kentmere, Adox (that would be papers) or Adox & Efke films to mention just a few.  


Black and White Printing Papers

May 11, 2007

Here on Freestyle Photographic Supplies you can buy all the papers still on the market:

Bergger papers, a French company with a wide range of papers, some may be sold under different names. Got money? like to tone your prints? then check out Bergger:

Foma papers:

Forte papers: this Hungarian company is no more but they still have their papers on the market

Fotospeed papers : I don’t know this paper but it is an English company

Ilford papers; after Agfa’s demise, Ilford is my choice of paper for street photography:
Steven Brierley, Ilford’s sales director, explains the future of Ilford papers, films and chemistry HERE

Kentmere papers :

Oriental New Seagull papers; remember this is a new paper, not exactly like the old Seagull :

Varycon/Fotokemika : I haven’t used this paper. According to Steve Anchell excellent article, State of the Paper Survey (2004), “it is made in Croatia (. . .) Fotokemika’s Varycon Variable Contrast Fiber paper has a rich quality, reminiscent of classic B&W photographic papers of decades ago. Using very high silver content and single run coating methods, these papers yield very high quality results with very long tonal range”.