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New York Photo Festival in Dumbo

May 18, 2008

Visitors were still touring exhibits at the first New York Photo Festival when its organizers announced plans for next year’s festival, scheduled to take place May 14 to 24, 2009.. (read the full story in Photo District News).

The first international photography festival in the United States, New York Photo Festival in Dumbo… 3,600 entries, miles of photographs … and I almost gave up.

Look out for my, absolutely biased, report from the festival … and yes, I am trying to gain a perspective … so today I am just posting a few links for you.

VIDEOS FROM THE FESTIVAL (ughm … ok … strange interviews posted on PDN’s site)

Martin Parr:

Tim Barber

Kathy Ryan:

Lesley Martin:


Takuma Nakahira : Quote of the Month

April 17, 2008

Takuma Nakahira a writer, photographer, and a father of the revolutionary Provoke movement (whose members included Daido Moriyama, Nobuyoshi Araki and Shomei Tomatsu). He is the author of the famous “For a Language to Come“, published in 1970. I saw it on eBay today — the estimated price is set at between $10,000 -$14,000. It is a favorite of Martin Parr and Gerry Badger who says that it is, “A dark, troubling book presenting one man’s view of Japan – a visionary dream or a nightmare.”

After loosing his memory and memories, Nakahira settles in Yokohama and returns to photographing. The quote below comes from his book “Degree Zero – Yokohama” published for an exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art in 2003.

I believe that photography is neither creation nor memory, but documents. The act of shooting a photograph is not something abstract. It is always concrete. No manipulation to make simple things complicated through conceptualization. Only the real I encountered through the medium of the camera is here in my photographs.”

from Degree Zero – Yokohama