W/NW (aka Words/No Words)

What is it?

W/NW (Words/No Words) threads are primarily a discussion conducted with images along a common theme.

The thread begins with a theme-based topic. To begin a thread select a topic that has wide enough scope for others to follow. A topic such a “Paris 1968 Student Riots” makes it hard for others to come in and participate … a better heading would be “Street Protests”.

So, begin the thread with either the heading …“W/NW Street Protests” or “NW Street Protests”… as an example. A small amount of comment is always permissible (unless you request NW only thread) but the emphasis of the discussion is through the imagery, not so much the talk.

The W/NW and NW prefixes in the topic heading are important because they make the photographic threads easily recognizable from regular group discussions. For any other discussions, use OT (Off Topic) prefix.

The pic based discussion then proceeds along the chosen theme as images are posted within the thread line. Please, link medium size (500 x 341) only. Sticking to one size allows for a neat presentation both in our slide shows and inline.

  • Upon starting a new thread, post a tag for it. Let’s say your topic is umbrellas, so the tag will start (always) with wnw and your topic’s name, here umbrellas. As result, you should end up with: wnwumbrellas. And don’t forget to tag your photo with the same. If you know how to, add the slide show link to your tag.
  • If you start your own thread, please, please, please — ADD a LINK of each new thread to our INDEX. If you are html handicapped, simply copy and paste the URL address and the title of your thread to the index — we’ll do the rest.
  • WARNING: photos that aren’t street will be NUKED with a short, signatured note explaining the reason for the removal ( remove the link, leave the post in). You may make multiple posts to the same thread but do not upload in bulk!
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